This page is to share any exciting photography news I might have and to post links to where my images are appearing online. 

November 2018: I've been contacted about one of my photos appearing on someone's book of poetry. I don't know much more about it yet but will announce details when they become clear.  I'm also discussing plans with another journal to use one of my photos on a T shirt that they'll sell to raise money for their journal. 
June 2018: My image of a laundromat (see image in "People" category) in Fairbury, Nebraska was published as the cover image on the current issue Nassau Review. This issue was an issue devoted to "Work." I also had an image "Diner" published inside.  The laundromat image was taken at midnight after I fled the laundromat with my clothes not even still dry. It was just too spooky in there and I couldn't stay in there alone for one more second. The laundromat is about a block from where I was born. I went back to my hometown to bury my mother and this picture was taken the night before her funeral. 
October 2018: I had a photo published in Split Rock Review. See link below:

May 2018: here is a link to an interview I did for Rappahannock Review. They published five of my images. "Tin Man on Fence" was one of them. You can see the image below.
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